Game still down

So tell me why after two weeks my game is still crashed and I still cannot get passed the loading screen :joy: someone please help me :joy::joy::joy::sob::sob:

Pretty sure you’re not gonna get any new solutions from when you posted this a week ago.

It’s just so frustrating :joy: to have all your progress gone and the company’s like “we are looking into it “ :joy:

I can tell how frustrated you are by you spamming that laughing emoji.

Don’t be so bitter my man.

It’s laughing in pain

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i feel your pain man i haven’t been able to access my account for almost two weeks
and i get same response as you.
was switching regions, game shut down and hasn’t loaded since… :pleading_face:

That emoji is really freaky.

Omfg the same exact thing is what happened to me. I’ve sent in about 5 tickets emailed a whole bunch of times and still nothing hah.

same here its gotta be a bug and they’re working on a fix before it affects anyone else… maybe that’s why is taking so long :man_shrugging: hope you get your account back soon

Lol they have said it’s not a priority unless it’s affecting a lot of players. Last time this happened half the forum was posts of people saying they couldn’t play.

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