Game resetting after 5-10 seconds, in a loop

I posted about this in a different forum, but since I saw that someone else posted a week ago here about a very similar issue I realized it must be a bug, and not just a “me” thing so I think it belongs here. This is a wall of text, because it’s been a loooong issue.

My game has been completely broken for over a month. Since 2/2 it resets itself after 5-10 seconds no matter what I do. Somewhere around 1/26 or 1/27 it began resetting when I tried to collect the 3rd Survivor’s Club weekly reward or the rewards from that weekend’s war. Then on 2/2 the problem escalated.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, installed on a fresh device, tried on multiple Android and Apple devices. I’ve tried clearing caches and game data. When I have my FB linked account open on another device the game insures fine with the default/tutorial account. Other FB linked accounts also work on these devices, so the issue is with my game file, not the devices.

My Survivor’s Club renewed on 1/28 and I was unable to play the game for the entire month, so at the very least I need a refund for that month. I first reached out to in-game support on 1/28, when the game was still only resetting when I tried to collect rewards. Beginning on 2/2 when the problem got worse I couldn’t access that anymore, so I tried using the e-mail support portal on the website and spent weeks just getting generic form responses.

I reached out to a scopely person on the line app and they told me to contact a different person, which I did in a message here, 10 days ago. I received no response to that, so I posted a thread in the help and guides forum and got nothing except a few suggestions to do things my past said I’d already done.

As I mentioned above, I noticed that someone posted here a week ago about having a very similar issue (theirs started right after they tried to subscribe to SC, but the same thing is happening in their game) so I followed instructions in the pinned post on how to report it in a message, but then I found out that the listed contacts are no longer scopely employees.

So now I’m here, with this wall of text. Thanks, please help.

You will not get in trouble for requesting a refund.

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I did not get a ban. I do not cheat or say nasty things in game chats.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled I don’t even know how many times.

@JB.Scopely is the one I talked to in the line app, who told me to talk to GR , who hasn’t responded at all in 10 days, even after I messaged him again on day 5.

Here is a video of what it does.

GR is unavailable for a few more days. Keep trying support, or try GR again on Thursday.


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I’m just posting to keep the thread open until Thursday. I have no news to report… everything is the same as it’s been for the past 31 days.

Hello @NikkiPoooo apologies for the slow responsiveness here.

Could you please try to log in and out again, clear the cache and restart your device?
The issue should be addressed after going through these steps one last time.

Please do let me know the outcome.


I’ll try that tonight when I get home from work. Thanks.

This happened to me and I was locked out for 22 days. They eventually reimbursed me for all of the coin value and items from my survivor club and daily login coins. Still hurts to have missed all of the event prizes for 22 days though. Hopefully your account is back up soon. Best of luck.

Okay… @JB.Scopely, when you say logout, do you mean just close the game or do you mean unlink the account from FB? Because the game doesn’t stay open long enough to unlink.

I tried force closing, then clearing the cache and restarting the device and it did not work.

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How did your game get fixed?

i just kind of dropped the game for a month until the update rolled around and decied to install it again. however my game didn’t have this problem i just couldn’t use the chat and this was a very long time ago.

I was asking @Dale_Higgins. He said he had this problem and got it fixed.

should have payed attention. sorry mate

It took about a dozen messages and emails to support and a nudge from jb

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