Game resets often playing in territories since 9.0 update


As topic states my game keeps kicking out and restarting while starting battles(most often), midbattle (least often) right as battle has finished - shows victory - but b4 assigning team. In all cases I lose my nrg and it dont get credit for win.

Anyone else having issues?

Using up to date galaxy G7 edge.



I have the same issue, but SS claims I’m just low on memory. Well I am, but it was never crashing during important farming before the update arrived.


Same here


I’ve had it reset quite often after besting a team and waiting for victory screen. As well as issues with locking me out of placing teams with a message after it closes that says couldn’t place team. Makes no sense to me.

Samsung S8


Same, I reported this in the bugs thread the other day.

Happens wayyyyyyy too much smh.


Happens constantly. Very annoying when it happens right when you click attack. Because the game still thinks a team is in there attacking, so if thats the last team for the territory you have to wait for the timer to run out I guess before you can finish it off.


Same with me it resets and some times my team even takes damage.


It’s not just doing this in territories, it’s doing it all thru the game. It did it to me right when I was pulling 2 helper tokens. The game kicked back to the screen with Negan, Rick & all them. I lost out on my pulls. It’s been doing this ever since the update, they need to fix everything that’s going wrong with the game.


Same here