Game reset during pull


I was just starting a pull and my game reset, took the coins but I didn’t get anything toons. Is there a way scopely can see this happen and help me out?


it’s happened to me before and support was of no help at all. You will need to contact Google/Apple


Ok now even when I single pull the game resets!?!?


Has happened to me, several times… All of the times it happened to me the toon was there, easiest way (for me) to find out what I pulled is to go to the sell toon screen and see which one is unlocked (I lock all my 5* or more toons)


Lol funny I do the same thing! But I didnt have any toons. As a test I did a single pull and it reset again


Same thing just happened to me! And I know I didn’t get any toon


Just check your 4 stars you’ll see 10 new ones you didnt have


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