Game reboots every time try to collect daily gift

This has happened to me at least 10 times in last hour. Have finally realized I just can’t have the 1000 4* tokens. :frowning:

Also, for some reason my faction activity screen is showing someone having declared a war?? But there is no war on.

Faction: ZSlayers
Region: Dade

That’s happened to a few people, hopefully the glitch will be gone tomorrow & you’ll be able to collect rewards as normal.

As for you faction activity screen, that’s just a ghost war, it’s being fought between all the ghosts left in towers & the end of the last war.

Haha! Looked again, and going by the dates the activity screen seems to be slowly reposting every action of the last 2 months. Bit annoying, really, as I can’t see recent ones yet to do revenges. But anyhoooo… thank you! :blush: