Game punishes people who are active

Here are many examples

  • Ascendance, those who were active early on and ascended toons, are now without fodder and stuck in place with no advancement

  • newer 6* tend to be better than the first wave like Abe and Negan

  • those who were enaged in the launch are now suffering with the same teams of toons that everyone in the top 200 have

  • those who were active in wars and winning wars, have no noticable advantage over those who lose wars or just AFK most of the war

  • Trying to beat a boss in Faction Assault often results in a lower score, and lower rewards

  • Level ups. Anyone who was very active in the old level up system is now punished by every scrub in town getting 2 million easily. Anyone who leveled their 6* to be active in events now has no 6* to level, nothing to ascend and stuck in place, again

  • Wyatt or another 5* still needs ascension fodder, creating an extra, worthless grind and resource sink

  • no benefit or tangible reward for prestige

  • no benefit or tangible reward for 2+ years of playing

  • no benefit or tangible reward for being active in wars for 2 + years

  • no benefit or tangible reward for winning wars for 2+ years

  • no war score tracking

  • no lifetime war score milestones

  • no lifetime war score rewards

The list goes on and on.

I log into another game I play, everyday I get benefits and rewards, I get rewards for logging in, for logging off, for clan events and progression etc… it’s a nonstop progression/reward chain

Here in TWD, I login and hmm do we have the territories I need, collect another failed stun weapon, and maybe do 1-2 raids before running a few maps and calling it a day


A short story of scopely disappointment lol


Great thread, I couldn’t agree more.

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Kick in the nuts after kick in the nuts basicly :confounded:


THIS. So much this. I agree with everything, but this hit the nail hard on the spot.


Half a faction in my region said, “time for a change” abandoned their teams, left the region and joined up with a young region. In two months they already have 10 to 15 5s a piece, are the 4th place faction, and since no one has 6s it’s a level playing field. And will be until Scopely drops a bunch of medals over there.


this is the new business model that Scopely has chosen, long term players need to find a way to except the model or find a game that lines up with their desires. as a long term player I have made my choice.


You’re 100% correct. I’ve accepted it, and adjusted my gameplay to stay relevant in the new TWD universe.

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Veteran players either can’t or won’t spend in numbers big enough to affect Scopely’s business model, and so they are gonna focus on the new blood (wallets). I don’t like it, but from a business perspective they are correct to do so, and I say that having played this game for 812 straight days.

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I have 6 toons that are 6s and can do 6 more. I have 1.47 million of silver medals.

The rest of your post Is spot on.

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Silver medals are not the bottleneck

Legendary medals are the throttle, I have more silver than i can count, but once you do 9-12 6*… which is only 2-3 teams of 6*

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I did melee since I was stronger there. Did 2 range for tower defense and stopped. Knew the medals would dry up!

Yeah people who were smart and did not trust any of the Scopely management promises held off.

Those of us who wanted to engage in the new content and give Scopely management another chance, got burned, again.


There are always outliers. Would be interested in see some statistics but by anecdotal feedback from what I’ve seen, the conpetitive player bases ascension tokens have largely dried up. This is a bottle neck that is keeping many from pulling, as they recognize odds are low of pulling a 6s, and don’t want to consume what they have left.

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I have 8 6’s and enough legendary medals for another 2 ( 50 short for a third ) still have 1 more toon to ascend then it would be dupes after. Not sure if I’m gonna go for Wyatt yet. Could use more means for medals and higher end gear, without having to choose between then, and hope ring doesn’t shaft you. I lucked out this morning though and got 1 canteen and 1 gps from the nuggets so far…


whats wrong with fast negan and abe? Abe still works fine and with evasion so does negan,.

A worthy post that will be ignored, alas.


Except that Scopely gave more than enough medals for the half a dozen 6*’s they told us about. If you ascended more than 6 and have run dry then that is not on Scopely.

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I just stopped using dual Abe’s but they are fine for raiding. Mine were t3.

and why would scopley care? They are making more money on new regions with new players. There is no reason for $copley to waste time on loyal 2 year players. I bet they are banking on the top players to QUIT/RETIRE to make newer players feel they can compete for first place. I’ll be shocked if this informative post doesn’t get locked.

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