Game progress Restore

Help! I changed my phone today and lost game progress, I never had it linked to Facebook and have logged in via Google, can someone please help me!

If you can’t go back to your old phone to link it, have you ever got a receipt from the game? Support can restore it then

I never paid for anything, the only thing I might have is a receipt when I did the free week in survivers club?

I think I recall that counting as a receipt

Omg I hope I have it! You are a life saver, where do I send it? I literally only joined this forum to get help haha

Go to Support in game (Options), I don’t know the exact script but they’ll ask you some questions. Send the screenshot of the receipt too. It’ll take some time though

Good luck, of course! I don’t want to get too hippity happity until you get it back and I don’t thus look like an ass lol

Seems to be a long process and apparently a receipt with no charge isn’t sufficient :face_with_raised_eyebrow: will let you know how it goes

It does take a while. No-charge receipt is news to me, keep trying. Hope you get it back

Just to let you know I got my progress back, only because I had a receipt from a purchase from last year, was a long process, thanks for your help!


Awesome, and a lucky save!

@LadyGeek Looks like free trials for Survivor’s Club don’t count. As a btw

I wish they’d publish the rules, and let us know when they change them.

You, me and we all. Lol