Game Over on my region

So, the game is almost over at my region Evans-PT

Right now we have only 3 factions playing the war on my region.

All other factions are kind of inactive
There is a total of 10 factions that played a match on this war on our region:
Active factions
Top 1 played 25 matches
Top 2 played 22
Top 3 played 22

Not so active:
Top 4 played 11 matches
Top 5 played 8
Top 6 played 9

Not active factions
top 7 played 4 matches
top 8 played 3
Top 9 only 2
top 10 only 2

No other factions.

So this region is ending soon if we do not become merged with another region.


Interesting. Now take a look at this.

9 factions playing, lowest has 1, highest has about 15 total.

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16, but still

Let’s see if Scopely have some plan. 5 players quited after this war from some faction’s

People are retiring left and right. Game is getting boring for older players.

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