Game over for f2p


If you thought pryia was tough.


Priya is signifanctly better than even this one.

She confuses 3 for 2 turns and has stun on defense naturally. She’s almost as tanky behind a Carl too.

However Alpha with double attack and high crit would be interesting to see.

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Not sure what you’re smoking. This character has 2k damage and goes off as fast as pryia. Think again bud

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Not sure what you’re smoking but Priya has a 45 AP rush.


8% ap weapon would be needed. And again only 1 turn. 2k atk is high though


She is pretty much a blue shiva. except her AR is 8 less but she does 200% less damage and not as good of an active skill. A really good character but not a game changer.


Haha she goes off second turn knucklehead. Just like pryia. I’ll revive this in a couple weeks when f2p is sad


Even behind mirabelle she’s likely to die first round.

On offense though she’s a good piece.


Priya can go off first turn knucklehead.


Ok she can with command too… blah blah blah


People said the same thing about Konrad. You won’t be out of the game you will just move to a lower bracket then spenders. You can build teams around this and it does take more effort, but hey frees free


I would gladly give up pryia for alpha any day


I think once the gear comes out to get the 6 stars up to tier 4 priya isn’t going to be nearly as good as she is now. Don’t get me wrong she is still the best 5 star but against maxed 6 stars she will likely die round 1


She already dies round 1 even with Carl lead. But I use 2 shivas


I dk why you think shes a game changer. Shes 1 turn confuse and just high atk toon. Shiva is all around better.


58 is turn 3 rush on defense

2 with command, defense

2 if huge huge +ap knife, defense

1 if huge huge + ap knife + command, defense

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Ok my opinion was already stated. Not sure what you missed.


not sure if you meant this towards me but I said she is not a game changer. If it wasn’t at me please disregard.


Lol… this bitch will go down faster than a free falling elevator… :joy::joy:

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