Game of thrones conquest

Anyone know the requirements for this game. Apparently I can’t run it but I can’t find them

I’m doing this one

Yeah tried it apparently I don’t meet the requirements

I’m working in it now but I only have to reach level 14 not 15

I have heard there has been some bugs with tapjoy offers tho

Not tapjoy I just don’t have the requirements… wondering if anyone knows what they are

doing this one also :stuck_out_tongue: where you at

I’m on reach 13 but not coined this one I feel so proud of myself

im on the same. annoying that now you have to level 20 million other buildings up before you can get to keep 14.

I brought the £1 speed up pack at the start thats it. some mofo raided me as well and stole all my food and wood :frowning: lol

You will be ages then :rofl:

so will you your on the same keep level :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Tapjoy just denied me a reward. Said I didn’t download app through tapjoy offer wall. Which is a lie the offer I started 3 minutes before worked. Tapjoy are scammers and will do anything they can to not reward you. There is nothing you can do about it. I can’t even submit another report. Dodgy company kind of a perfect match for scopely really.

Would be nice to have those offers again, Darn apple

My offer was level 10 keep. Others have different levels, so it probably depends when you clicked it.

You can contact somebody at tapjoy directly via their Twitter account. They denied me a 5k+ coin offer with the automated system, but when I contacted them via Twitter it was fixed right away.

Yeah, I did some minor task and was rewarded immediately.
Twitter can be used as a backup plan.

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