Game not working on Samsung S7


I didn’t want to high jack anyone’s post so here is mine.
The game isn’t working anymore on a Samsung S7.
It tells me to upgrade and shows me the game in store with the message: your device isn’t compatible with this version. See screenshots attached

Do you need any more information?
Thank you.




Extra screenshot ingame.

Sorry for the second post only one image was allowed.



Android security patch level
1 August 2017

Appears updated to latest version.
Please let me know if you need anything else.



Maybe try deleting the app and redownloading it?



That won’t work , I’m having the same problem with 2 phones atm s7 edge and s7 and it solves by himself after an update



It is installed and always has but it doesn’t even shows up in my apps.

It’s ordered alphabetically.
I can’t even find it in the store so deleting it would probably cause more harm to my account which I apparently forgot to link to Google account. Which I found out trying to open the app on another device.



I’m currently using an S7 (bought from Tmobile) and its working for me still.



I had the same issue. I ended up using a 2nd device and exporting the apk file after install and installing manually on my s7.

The game seems to work fine still so I have no idea why the app store says the s7 is incompatible .

Hope this helps



There are sites that will pull the latest APK for you automatically and let you download it.

@LiveSober maybe try and do this since it sounds like it worked for @Scroopy

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I’m saving that link for sure. Easier than downloading and exporting to Dropbox to redownload on the s7.

It’s a right hassle but needs must lol.

Have a like :slight_smile:



Will it install next to the original app or do I have to uninstall the original and what about my save?



I uninstalled entirely. Then reinstalled from the new apk file. Played through the tutorial and relinked via Facebook sign in.

I regularly swap devices though so was expecting to have to do that

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Keep the original and install the APK and it should update without any issues just the same had it been updated via the play store but make sure your account is linked to facebook so you can always recover it no matter what happens.



Im having the same issue. I have an s7 it doesnt show up in the play store. Its available on the samsung app store also. Thats how i got it to work. But theres issues for me with this update. Like there are no daily mission popups when i complete an objective.



Took the risk and uninstalled. Reinstalled using the "galaxy apps"
Update from galaxy apps gave errors.
Lucky enough now everything is fixed.

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My S7 still has this issue… to get around it (google play is still telling me my device is not compatible btw)… you uninstall the game and redownload it with Samsung galaxy app store… problem solved.

Edit: No other issues came up for me after that… update went fine



Just wanted to add… if you use the galaxy store to reinstall the game then u cant use google to make purchases… i just uninstalled the game ans reinstalled with apkpure (an app that takes care pf the apk install thinking for you and tpu can searxh it like google play) … it now allows google play to take payments where as the Samsung galaxy app store would not. Hope that helps.



Im in beta so not getting the game to update thru google play is a huge issue. I can download and play the game on my s4 but it wont work on my s7 ?!? Wtf? Some insight as to what the issue is would be greatly appreciated. And now with this fac assault thats going on in beta, i cant check it out and see what thats all about. Please scopely help…