Game not working on latest update


Hello ,
after two years of playing without problems ,I cant open game with latest update. Game just crash after i click on game icon.
The answer from the support was: your internet is slow or your storage in phone is full.

  1. internet is same like every update before
  2. i tried reinstal app , i tried reinstall my phone ROM , factory reset etc.

i spent lot of time in game and same real money.
so what can I do now?


What type of phone?


Lenovo P70 version of android is 5.1


Hi man,

Try this, it might work even if you dont have a Samsung. Also try to update Play store etc, and then relog into your play account.

Hope it helps


my phone not supporting screen resoluting . display is HD 1280 × 720




Hey @supperka - Are you referring to the Lenovo P70 Laptop? If so I’m assuming the game is being run on an emulator?


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@supperka - Looking at the device, it has the same resolution as the S7s devices that are currently having an issue in the Google Play Store. We believe this is a Play Store issue but we are looking into it on our end to see if we can address without Google.


It’s not you. It’s us. We’re aware of this issue and still trying to repro it!

Have you contacted support yet?

Any info you can give us will help solve it. That’s so frustrating!