Game needs an update

Seriously the game has pretty much come to a stand still, if you have been playing this game from the start there is nothing else to do we can’t upgrade are towns any more the training grounds have become relevant, war has become boring due to no decent rewards like we used to in the 5* era when we would get new characters to help improve defence/ attack teams. Everything now in the game we need to buy I just want to know Scopely are you ever going to make this game great again like it used to because for the love of god please do?

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The game will never go back to how it used to be lol. The sooner people come to terms with that, the better off they’ll be. I quit over a year ago and I’m sure there’s still no 6* farmable gear map like the 5* era had. Character rewards will literally never return, there’s no money to be made that way. War is for collectibles now, level ups are for ascendance medals, and raid events…are just time-wasters. :man_shrugging:t2:


Scopely is far away to broke, now the business is to sell S-Class, overpowered 6* that we maybe get in 6-8 months and selling collectibles for S-Class museum…

Apart from that some good events, some bad …


The magic 8 ball says ‘not likely’

They are making it great.

For their pockets.
It’s a pay game pure and simple.

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