Game model broken

The promo release rate and constant changing of the meta has caused the game to now adopt an unsustainable model. Turn one active skills coupled with op weapons and way too strong multi purpose adrenaline rushes have created such a gap between players both free to play and pay to play . It cannot be more clear that continuing on this route will exacerbate the already broken balance in the game . The games core model cannot be sustained when new toons remain relevant for shorter and shorter duration. Some players whom been playing since launch and have spent 10s of thousands to upwards of 100k on building the highest end rosters are becoming devalued exponentially and less and less relevant by the minute. With that scenario in mind it’s no wonder why people are quitting and or nuking their rosters daily. So in short scopley, please for the love of god reevaluate the development of future promos and DO NOT MAKE EVERY TOON game breaking, toons like mia, S-class Pete, raven, Zachary, DR Steven’s, negan, elle ,yellow gov DO NOT NEED TO BE THAT OVERPOWERING TO SELL OR MAKE MONEY OFF OF…By continuing to release such toons it will only ensure that the game dies.


You’re assuming Scopely wants the game to continue.


Makes me chuckle. Because this is Skopelie’s business model, otherwise people wouldn’t be this stupid to spend again, again, and again. What you’re describing has always been the case with the game. Each week you can read similar postings. Since years. People have to realize that nothing will change in their way of milking the :sheep:.


Only these players will remain… Only because they have already spent too much money and they will be sorry to leave the game (thrown money)…:smirk:

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Yeah I agree. I think Scopely should release only toons like Vincent with absolutely boring skills. :+1:

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