Game looping once more

This is once again a thing apparently. is this just me or are others locked out of their game as well? i’ve tried reinstalling, switching devices, etc but nothing works…

where do it loop

start the app, get a message switching regions was succesfull (i had just visited a mini account in a different region), and whether i clock ok or not, within seconds i get back to the loading screen where rick and negan look at each other. load back to the transfer complete window and repeat.


then mail support

I have the same problem but her age reaches more than 1.5 years, and those support do not know what to do and where to run to them (((((

Region transfers end in a few hours and my faction has gone. Please help us affected quickly scopely! @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin

Mir geht es genauso @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely please help me :confused:

LudoSanders, absolutely the same problem when switching regions

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