Game linked to FB account. FB account banned. How to switch to new FB?

Hi. I’m asking a question for a friend. So, this is it:

  1. Friend bound an account to a FB account.
  2. That account was banned due to him not having his real name on it.
  3. He made a new FB account as a result.
  4. Now, his phone is dying and he may need a new one. To prevent the loss of any game data, he wants to ensure his game is saved to a legit FB account (the new one).

How is this done? How can he unlink his game account to a new one?

P.S. He also established it with Google Play.


Good luck

Has your friend tried to clone device?

No, but this question was never answered. @kalishane

Try sending a PM to @kalishane, that would probably be your best option.

I’ve asked before and they always give me the same answer. Your account can’t be unlinked and linked again.