Game keeps restarting since friday

Hello, my friend and faction mate can not play normally cause the game restarts when faction activity and inbox are loading. Clear cache and data not work, same for uninstall and reinstall. Suggestions? Help?

Still same problem.

it does but not since friday. since 1 year at least

@Dale_Higgins seems another incident similar to yours, did you get it sorted out in the end?

my game are most suck …cant open the game …what happened scop?

this happen to me too,

I’m reading every post and comments about this problem but i can’t find solution.

I don’t believe anyone on the forums can help with this error. Please open a ticket with customer support using the web portal

Hi (insert name)

Sorry to hear about the issue.

Please do file a report to our support crew as they’ll be able to look into it, and compensate your account accordingly.

Thank you

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Completely close all apps, restart the device. This will sometimes clear bad data.

Thx all for the help, problem is solved.

Hello SerpentAlbus can you tell me how it is fixed i have a faction mate who has the same problem.

Go buy a fix on VK

Still nothing. They said they fixed it, but I am still looping over and over. They are “taking another look” now. Hopefully resolution will be soon.

Many times, these problems start because people have too many apps open at once and/or too little storage in their device. It happened to me once, I just cleared some storage and it went back to normal.

in the past yes this was a problem, mainly what happened was the install/download at the beginning would finish but never save meaning it would be deleted within 5 minutes of opening the app, whats happening with many is the game opens to a point where a crash had only just occurred meaning it would re-open then crash and so on, its not a memory or many apps open at the time thing

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