Game keeps on crashing

Whenever I go into recruits and rewards my game just crashes and crashes over and over again
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


Mine too! But only in Chambers region… Chattooga region is fine

Getting a lot of (you are not connected to the internet) today

Oh yes its so the problem

Error 60 or something like that it’s Scopely not my internet

Scopely rolls out a change to the game from a short beta test and there are glitches when it goes live? How rare! That NEVER happens…

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Hi guys,

Sorry to hear about your issue ; in order to help you could you let me know the following (if you haven’t done already) about this crash.

  • Which area in the game are you located ?
  • What steps are you following ?
  • Is this crash happening systematically ?
  • What kind of error messages do you get ?

Thanks !


Happening here in Madison. Clicking recruit and crashes. I’m a survivor member so I better not lose my chance to pull today!

What’s a search bar anyway?

have this problem since i start playing the game February 2018

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Cullman works fine, as I switch to Macon, whenever I go recruits and rewards, game crashes without any message.

I have the same problem, I’m in Morgan, no error code whatsoever. I just click on the recruits and rewards icon and the game just crashes and takes me to my phone’s main screen.

I can record it if it’s of any help

Edit: I just remembered it only started happening after I got my free log in token yesterday

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Lol, what? It crashes plenty in Chattooga. The case must vary depending on the player.

I just recently moved to conecuh (en) and now the loading bubble comes up and everything freezes after like 20 seconds of play…Preformatted text

I just recently moved to conecuh (en) and now the loading bubble comes up and everything freezes after like 20 seconds of playing it. I seriously hope I could be helped soon as possible please!

Hey folks,

Just a quick note, while @GR.Scopely and I are always happy to gather details about live game issues, that may require some escalation if we do witness they are widespread throughout select regions, or the entire player base, that does not prevent from reaching out to support to get the required assistance on any technical matter you may experience with the game.

Many thanks again,

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Run while you can @JB.Scopely ! You will be swarmed with questions you can’t answer yet!1!!11


Have the same issue on my mini account, cant open recruits & rewards. It just keeps crashing

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Got the same problem.

Got problem only in Cullman region, but ok in others.
Couldn’t do my free SC pull also till now!