Game keeps crashing in world map

I keep doing World Map 25-8 and it keeps crashing after completing it. This seems to happen whenever I get a large amount of survivors.

This particular instance, I keep getting 160 survivors + 64 bonus survivors (we have both survivor territories), the game crashes, resets to previous world energy and salvage tokens. I come back and do the same stage and get the same amount of survivors and game crashes again, over and over and over.

Please help, I cant farm for survivors!

I have a video, but it isnt allowed here.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

@Damage_Inc - Can you please PM me your account code?


Same. Crushing when I used tokens and collected 132 survivors. Did so multilple times, and each time I collected 132 survivors. Did 25-7 and didn’t crush. Did 25-8 again and didn’t crush. Have a video too.

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