Game keeps crashing and resetting [logged]

So my game has just reset and crashed 6 times in a row now since the latest update.
I am farming stage 7-7 and using a refill and salvage tokens, I then train survivors in a camp, use the rest of my food and materials crafting items, if I then leave the game for 30 secs, it resets and reloads to the point before I have done my farming and refill and training, its get very annoying now going round and round in circles repeating the above.
Game was fine yesterday, only started happening today

game name is M3RL!N MAYHEM
Faction: Ruthless Mayhem
Region: Ware
Iphone 7
IOS 11.2.2

Just upgraded IOS to 11.3 to see if that solved the issue, nope, game still resetting after farming with salvage tokens.
What’s even worse this time was I rotated some scav camp missions sent out my YGL 100k mission, did some farming and game reset to a point before I sent my 100k scav out and the farming. FFS

It is defo any issue with salvage tokens.
I did some standard farming on stage 12 and that was fine, left the game for a bit, went back and did some salvage tokens on stage 7-7 again, low and behold the games resets to the point before I used them tokens.
Devs you need to look at this and sort it out please
@CombatMan @CombatDevIl

try reinstalling game…

I can’t at the moment, my account is not linked to a facebook account, I need to create anew facebook account to do so, I messed up the first link to my facebook account and linked it to a new game, had to get my account recovered, which to be fair, they did within a few hours of contacting support

link it to google play then sign out and try farming while not logged in…

or maybe thats just an android trick…

I think you can only link to google play on Android, I’m on iphone

too bad…google play makes all that linking jazz a breeze

Yeah sounds good, damn iphones and facebook LOL

Can someone else try farming 7-7 with salvage tokens and see if their game resets? Anyone?

Did you try running Zone 7-7 without salvage tokens?

Yes it runs fine without the salvage tokens, will try and replicate it again today by using salvage tokens on 7-7

OK, so I have run 7-7 this morning normally and it works fine, but if I use a whole refill using salvage tokens the game resets back to the point before I used that refill and salvage tokens, very annoying, something is not right, let me try using the refill on stage 7-6 to see if it resets.

So I replicated the same problem using a refill and then salvage tokens on 7-6
I have used salvage tokens on the gear hunt roadmap and that worked fine so could be isolated to stage 7 on the world map.
I will see if I does the same now on 7-5

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any update M3rlin? Did it do the same on 7-5?

Do you have any territories that give bonuses from PvE? (drop increase/XP increase/Survivors increase)