Game isnt working for me

For some reason when i click on the game it remains on the loading screen… forever! once im able to get in(which is rarely) my faction/global chat always say “connecting” when i click on my profile or someones profile it never loads. when i complete a stage the game gets stuck on loading at the victory point. sometimes during a mission errors pop up. ANY HELP??? @SandySurvivor

I think you have me confused for tech/customer support :wink:

I recommend this based on experiencing the issue before:

  1. Uninstall the game
  2. Restart the phone
  3. Reinstall the game
  4. Connect to a solid internet connection
  5. Relaunch the game

Sounds like your wifi or cellular connection is bad.

Restart tour device.

how do i do that? do you mean your? if so i already have and now i cant even install the game

lol oops well i mean you are the most active so i thought asking you would help :slight_smile: however now i cant install the game

What device are you using?

elephone a8. japanese company. the app worked perfectly before just now its been messing up, for roughly 2 days

Okay, you have the play store to download the game. What’s it telling you when you try to install it in the store?

download pending

That sounds like your connection.

I should have swapped steps 3 & 4

solid internet connection? how internet seems fine on my phone and laptop etc

UPDATE: it suddenly just said its installed


How’s that Step 5 going?

yep its working now! thank you so much! this is why i come to you lol #BestScopleyEmployee Get this person an award!

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) to clarify, I’m a Game Designer from IUGO

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lmao same thing!

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True that, we’re all on the same team~ :grinning:

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