Game is crashing constantly

  1. I’m not on beta
  2. I reinstalled it, that didn’t help
  3. I restarted my device, same as previous
  4. Support told me to check my connection (smfh)
  5. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy???


Feel free to suggest anything pleeeeease :pray:t2::weight_lifting_man:t2:



Try playing off Wi-Fi for a bit sometimes when my game starts crapping out constantly if I play on data and not Wi-Fi it stops fkin up and i can play on Wi-Fi again after 10-15 minutes.


Exactly what happened, they also granted me a distant low blow for free


lmao :joy:


It worked omg
Thank you so much sir !


Does it crash at startup?


It was, appreciate the response :metal:t2:


Lol no problem glad to help.