Game is constantly crashes for whole region


Dooly region is completely unplayable


Have you reached out to support?


Yes I wrote to help shift

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Здравствуйте. Был на регионе dooly, игра постоянно вылетала, перенес свой аккаунт на регион shelby ,опять игра вылетает

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players of the region dolly (ru) game crashes every 20 seconds after the launch of the herd of walking! impossible to play! correct! Landmark rewards do not come!


Thanks for the report - i have escalated this further to the team for investigation.

Dont ignore it. Please

Same with me on Dooly, crashing after 10 secs, doing anything, event, hoard, map, I’m running android on Samsung note 8. Latest patch


Game running too slow in Screven too


Dooly is fixed now thank you

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