Game is bugged as hell

This game is full of bugs after the update,

Tower that says give guardian on attacking camps well if we have it it sure dont give any guardian on any strong or allert toon broken ass tower

First taunt is bugged as hell people that got taunt just rush or ignore taunt.

Infection of trader is ignored and not working on certain toons.

Mesh 100000 error keeps popping up

Roadmaps are blocked and u cant run them

Draft arena was until end of arena before it popped up and wasnt even coorect

Coins disapear when using food and dont say u want to buy food

Want to go on how this game is broken as hell

Scopes give a update to fix one toon to break the rest of the game incompetence once more u think after 5 year they learn something from there mistakes but noooo just create more broken shit and push it , support is also clown show of people that are incompetent they dont even know how this game is or work

Keep surviving scopes no more money from me


+1 (7 char)

I think the same thing, all those errors happen to me too, also the annoying offers tab after each war attack is ridiculous, as many say not because I miss an offer every once in a while means that I will end up accepting it, what The only thing that in my opinion is the opposite, annoy me with that offer and make me hate it and not buy it, it is similar to YouTube ads, every time they show me the same video recommendation more than 2 times, which I do is enter and leave my dislike, along with a nice and loving comment (note my sarcasm) :roll_eyes:

Relax man I can ensure you that I didn’t go through any of these bugs you are talking about.
It’s all in your head .
Except the Arena issue
I am not defending scopley here.
But I war like a real no life this time and I didn’t see any of these bugs you are talking about.
Pete will rush if he have focus . Happened to me many times.
The error you are talking about I completely agree with it’s an annoying pop up but one click and it’s gone at least for the next 5 mins
Other things… Well everything seems normal to me

The food bag draining coins is a real bug. So take this as a warning and claim your foodbags outside of the level up screen :wink:

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