Game improvements needed by early next year SCOPELY READ

  1. Armory update i mean seriously we still have the original armory and original upgrades from a year ago way to progress. No craftable parts we need and never dropping the parts in disassembling has to change. POLISH KIT DUCT TAPES have to become craftable 1-2day waits for completion. Every1 will wait a day for the part speed your slow asses up and release whats been requested for a F-ING year. Get new stats and upgrades into armory like confuse,evasion,recovery weapons, heal reduction,decapitate. Recovery weapons i mean like chance to recover from debilitating status effects. By now these things could have been implemented into weapons and armories so stop dragging the process on and deliver the goods.

2.TH21- seriously 2 freaking years with TH20 i started game like many others when game released so why AND I MEAN WHY ARE WE STILL AT TH20? your not making anything better with failed updates and quick events that suck. TH21 can be built and used forever stop making quick crappy updates. You have gotta fix your TH situation most original players have had to create multiple accounts out of boredom no other reason. You have had 26 months since game released DONT COME BACK NEEDS MORE TIME THAT F-ING BS. Its time your company payed attention to its oldest flaws not the newest ones.

  1. Zombie apocalypse game that ZOMBIES DONT MATTER. This has to change, what the F*** are you waiting for scopely? Crit leaders have no meaning in this game outside world farming and SR unless u have M5. Yea michonne camo attack is better than the F-ING zombie leaders your ignorant staff creates. Its time to make zombies matter or delete them from game along with THE WALKING DEAD NAME. You dont deserve their name if u cant even make walkers have meaning in a zombie apocalypse. Every movie,show,comic, and game with zombies centers around the zombies except you and while you think thats good actually its a fatal flaw in your game. go play other zombie games and tell me what other game made on a zombie apocalypse has no interest in the zombies themselves. Playing your game for 2 years has left me wondering why u keep the staff u have its obvious they have no interest in improving actual game flaws.

  2. REWARDS system for events and pulls. This is one u tried but EPICALLY FAILED recently. Its great to see the new 5* and its great to see all the new weapons except noones receiving these. your new system has removed all but the actual Premier weapon/recruit being sold so ppl pulling for a stun gun instead get iron pummels and other 3* parts constantly. 0-50 on 2 big pulls and what was craziest was 48 parts and tokens 2 standard weapons. Yea your weapon pull system is worse than older setup of recruit pulls. Stop making it so we see 100 characters or weapons but are only getting a chance at 1. Noone is pulling for this exact reason I know u cant comprehend why for 120$ on weapon pulls someone would be mad to pull all CRAFTABLE parts but WTF SCOPELY. Weapon pulls are so bad i have advised both rosters 50ppl not to try once. You want pulls to be bought then u gotta release prizes u CHEAP PRICKS.

  3. Refill bags why the hell did u stop releasing refill token bags. They were giving ppl opportunity for up to 20 war refills and 50+ raid/world refills. For a greedy company like yourselves its obvious you really dont care about releasing value just bags of SHIT. If u want to make money again i suggest bringing back refill token bags not these 1-4 2-10 offers you are trying to PISS US OFF WITH.

6 Last but not least last month NO F-ING gold offers. Your game runs by gold and the last month you stopped releasing gold offers. This is a disgrace to all your customers not just overcharging on all your new offers but overcharging for simple gold packs. We used to get a bunch of extra trainers or refills with the gold and usually 10-20% more gold also. The extra gold and gifts were a reason to purchase otherwise 100$ i get 8k gold nothing else. Bring back the offers we all like and bring back gold for christ sake. Most aggravating thing about your company is u constantly refuse to listen to your customers I am not F2P i am p12 p2p so seriously wtf happened to everything u used to give out. PS noone is buying 1 ULYSSES for 35$ incase you havnt realized they dont sell


too much text, can u summarize? :woman_shrugging:


What’s TH21? Is that like the sequel to that Halloween movie?



Town hall


No offense, but the zombies have become very unimportant to the show as well.


It was never about the zombies… we ARE the Walking Dead.

Somebody brought up a few ideas about new walkers types. I thought they were pretty cool.