Game Implements Thread


Hi everyone,

After browsing through threads, I thought it would be helpful to @Kalishane and the Scopely team if they had in-game suggestions and ideas all in one place.

That being said…

-What would you like to see in the game?
-What would you like to see added?
-What would benefit the players the most?

Please keep the thread clean as so it doesn’t get removed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Fac support toon made as friendly and able to be hired by fac.
  2. Old ascendables released.
  3. Medals added to rewards more often. Who needs a burt for a milestone…
  4. Regular roadmaps with epic and legendary gear. (Make elite gear - gold radio) make ultra, epic, legendary gear the new ultimate roadmap.
  5. A new region event like (hold the line??) Where we compete as a faction to get rewards. Last time it was a (lori??) A lori shears wep and other cool stuff
  6. World cans, world cans, world cans. Where in the world can i get some world cans.
  7. Update the supply depot, update the toons, update the trainers, update the… well… all of it.
  8. Update the elite token wheel, or update burt. No part of burt is elite.
  9. Update the helper tokens, they dont help. If i wanted another tree branch i’d go outside. 1* people and weps help no one.
  10. Update the 7 day wait on the SD. Make it 3 or 4 idc, any reduction will be a good reduction.
  11. Remove the pop ups, i dont wanna know about an offer for war energy when im 2 seconds from hitting a tower and then fail to get it.
  12. reduce the amount of time ar scav mission takes.
  13. Rollback wars, neat suggestion by someone. Make an all 5* war, that would be epic.
  14. New world maps, please.
  15. Disable ar when doing roadmaps -mentioned before also.
  16. Probably should be higher on list but more player levels.
  17. Also should be higher, more prestige levels.
  18. Look at coin prices for sandpaper etc. Have you ever had anyone buy it? Put useful stuff in there instead… at a decent price.
  19. Toon roadmaps. Idk, might be before all the staff left, but toon roadmaps were cool, search the wiki, re implement a version of them.
  20. Expand our town!!! Th20 has been around since electrickery was invented…
  21. We have walkers at our walls? Can we attack them please? They’re driving me nuts and no one inside cares.
  22. Those 3 strange guys talking on the bottom right hand side of the town screen… split them up, they’re becoming too close and i feel threatened.
  23. Collection points, i know they were only “bragging rights” when it first came out… but i feel they could be useful, make a leaderboard where if someone has 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 10,000, 25,000 they get rewarded. Then have them reset at the end of each month with new rewards after.
  24. More collections. With all these new 6*s we could have a red ribbon army for having all the reds to date. We could have blue is the new black for all the blues. Mellow yellows for all the yellow toons. And the broccoli bunch for all the greens etc.
  25. Player exp with raids… i dont know about anyone else. But the player is me, not my 5 toons i auto on a roadmap for 300 exp. We as players should be rewarded for our experience in knowing how to raid effectively. Like diff % of exp for each toon alive. 1 = 10% 2 = 25% 3= 50% 4 = 75% 5 = 100% extra off of a base amount

Thats it for now, will add more as i can think of them.


Like pokemon, can we have a day care centre where we can put a boy and a girl toon to make a baby toon??

I so want to put shane and lori in to make baby judith.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


20 and 21 cracked me up lol


I see what you did there…

Does that mean the current 6 star wars are…legendary?

Is that what the power company does if you don’t pay the bill?


Ahem… Player Requests

Shameless self promotion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But really though. I wish I believed putting all suggestions in one location really made a difference. I’m not sure these days.


I never said I was that observant ;D

  1. The depot resets every 7 days. This is too long.
  2. Governor and Eugene still haven’t been made ascendable yet, amongst others. (not enough f2p reds)
  3. Terrible Prizes Overall- Still no ascendance 5 stars as prizes. Faction tourney prizes are bad
  4. Buffing Certain Wheels: Basic Rewards and helper tokens should be reverted back to the old odds. Prestige tokens should only drop 5 stars. Elite Gear should have better stuff.
  5. Prestige Michonne must be made ascendance. She serves no purpose and costs around 4k DOLLARS for most people.
  6. An update to war crates.
  7. The 3Rd place can issue.
  8. Not enough war cans in circulation. War is boring when you have no cans.
  9. Tara is nearly impossible to obtain.
  10. Make more old toons ascendable. Where is blue Andrea? Yellow Morgan?
  11. Roadmaps with 4 or 5 stars that are difficult to obtain otherwise.
  12. FARMABLE GEAR MAP!!! Please were begging you.
    I mentioned most of these in another thread earlier.


How about that fancy ALL OUT WAR IS IMMINENT screen we get for CRW that has the countdown to the start time… except for regular wars


Option to hide Prestige levels


Wood conversion/ burn bin better to convert but won’t make any more damn grenades which wastes the other stuff which I can actually sell for food.