Game has crashed

We were just half way through our second war and half of my faction cannot attack and now cannot get onto the game, come on scopely fix this please!!!


Same on our server

Same here!

GAME CRASH !! Here too

Same here

Same here

We couldn’t start any war from the beginning…
Our teams stuck in the twoers from last war…

Otra cargada.más, a ver si dais una a derechas algún día.

Same :grimacing:

Fix your damn game scopely and buy better servers!
Always huge lags and now cant even open game

Same here. Crashed for my whole faction. At least they’re consistent :expressionless:

Game broke


Same .
We were technically 3rd so if you wanna just send us the event rewards I’m good with that :wink:

Chill ppl it was only a moment.

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