Game graphics on iPad are horrible

I recently bought an iPad and all my other games look stunning on it. However loading rts on it I found it looked cramped into place, pixelated when zoomed out and not very well designed at all. Like in war battles there’s the tower bonus hanging over top 2 enemy teams heads. This is very distracting. The game looks blurry and as if the colors are washed out. Not at all intended for such a big resolution the iPad offers. Can you perhaps fix this in the future?

This is what if looks like when you zoom out. Because by default the town is so heavily zoomed in you can only see a few buildings.

This is how it looks by default when zoomed in. It looks milky and blurry.

This is a simple example of a shop, the icons are too big it’s crowding the screen and you have to scroll. This is silly to think a 9.6’ device.

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you could at least screen shot it. It looked fine on my Ipad and this was back in 2015(when i still had my ipad r.i.p)

Thats truth i got an ipad air 2 and the graphics looks like 5.5 inch mobile Phone

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I tried to play on a iPad pro about a year ago and I agree just horrible graphics I prefer the phone

I play on my iPad pro 10.5 sometimes, and yes the graphics are garbage sadly.

i play on my ipad pro (12.9) when im at home and tbh it doesnt look much different than when i play on my note 8 when im on the go. i mean its not crysis on ultra high or anything lol but it was mever meant to be. ill be picking up the new ipad pro (12.9) in a few days but ill expect more of the same. gaming this game on the ipad to me is just more of a convenience than anything.

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boi what is that. it looks like a gameboy advanced


Not just the iPad, I think it’s tablets in general. It looks that way on my ZenPad too vs my S8. :pensive:

do other games look as bad on tablets or is it just this game? it hurts my eyes!

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