Game freeze on loading screen


My game freezes on liading screen.
Tryed to resolve with uninstall reinstall, restart, cleared cache, tryed different platform. Nithi g helped. The account get bugged.
It happened when switching regions.

Any1 can help?
War is going and cant play…

This has been happening to a bunch of us many have been locked out since Thursday the bug is under investigation hope it’s resolved soon

So how can i get back to play? Can they reset account or fix?

If I know that brother I would be playing mine right now I have tried the uninstall trick I have tried to load it on 4 different devices both iOS and Android I’m sorry unless someone else knows a trick we are waiting for a fix

There is another post about it it’s called game won’t load this is happening to more and more people

You need to write support via the website but nothing will be done until Monday :disappointed:

Im paying for the game, im losing the whole war, rm item, login streak, free prem opens etc. Are they going to give refund?

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All questions we all have we just don’t know

I highly doubt that. Some people have been locked out since Friday but I can’t see Scopley compensating anything for this

They don’t seem to really take the issue seriously as it just keeps reoccurring over and over again

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I asked about compensation in one of my emails and they said they won’t even discuss that until this issue is resolved

Game won't load?

Maybe this will help. Keep us updated.

Its a shame. They should be extreme happy ppl pay this much for a game that full with bugs, repetitive. Sone leaves thousands of pounds monthly, snd this kind of things happens. They should concentrating more on support and bug fixing than putting up more paying optiond

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Got back after the update. 3 days out. No compensation of course. Gg

Got same answer no compensation until all ppl got solved. Probably after piper svent and wars gone

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