Game Economy is Broken

In the current state of the game, game economy feels like its from the last century. I will make my suggestions but it is up to Scopely to respond and see what players need most.

Before we rarely get 5 stars now its normal to get multiple 5 stars in a short period and you need level them up to ascend.

You need to have plenty of 5 stars to use as fodder and you either need tons of clones or benedicts which is not the case so we need healthy production of 5 star toons through ascending 4 stars aswell but those 4*s are nowhere to be found lately.

We need food to survive and lots of food but our farms are from the latest century which produces low amounts and storage is small aswell. We need better supply of food.

Did i tell you we need to level up a lot of characters simultaneously? We need more survivors, shirts, gloves, xp missions in scavenger camps, survivors giving more xp or xp needed for leveling characters reduced. Anything to make leveling easier.

Let’s say you manage to ascend a 6* but it does not end there unfortunately. since there is no persona match survivor for legendaries you are out of luck to use non matching 2*s and xp missions.

In addition to raw leveling 6 stars there 2 more aspects aswell leveling AR and Active Skill. since you can’t match persona for 6*s you need a dedicated trainer for leveling AR and same goes for active skill also. We need more Liliths or trait trainers and especially more Ulysseses.

Last but not the least we need more gear to tier up our toons as a top faction player i need more 6* gear but many people also need jackets and beanies and other levels of gear aswell. We need a act based regular roadmap that gives all levels of gear so everyone can farm what they need.


Exactly food gear and survivors give us more

First of all shirts and gloves should be everywhere.


Work on controlling level up territories, factory and northern train depot, they’re the key for keeping all those costs down. I personally don’t level without both

Should 100% be getting more benedicts.


i know that but sometimes you cant just wait for territories etc and its just treating the symptom but not the actual disease. Scopely has to rework the economy system nonetheless to suit current needs.

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The progression into 6* is intentionally limited, it’s done so to reward people who are farming hard and to try to keep 5* moderately relevant for a while. If they hadn’t restricted trainers and made them easier to level the transition to 6* would be done already. If you’re farming hard and really pushing for survivors, they’re relatively easy to level.


5*s are irrelevant already with the latest boost anyway.


I’m still beating most 6* teams with all 5* offense. Also, you can’t have it both ways. If you can’t level them and can’t add ARs to them, then obviously you need 5* toons to fill the gaps. I find this is the case with most people.

i do use 5s but when 6s are leveled and 1 shotting your 5 stars it is annoying and with weapons its very hard to do so, maybe priya or blue michhone which i still use 2x of her and selected few 5s might work thats why their AR effect comes in handy, on the other hand statwise you ll be crushed probably. They boosted 6*s so this could happen otherwise i had ascended only mirabelle for her lead skii but now need to ascend more. That’s what scopely dictated to us.

You seem to be missing my point. They don’t 1 shot 5s until they’ve been leveled. If there is a universal shortage on survivors/food, they can’t be leveled. So, either there isn’t a shortage of survivors/food or they aren’t 1 shotting 5s.

This is what I mean by it can’t be both ways.


no i do get your point but even most people don’t have full 6* rosters they have 2-3 by now and ezekiel 1 shotting a 5* blue with a crit hit is ridicilious or tyreese chewing up red 5*s so you need to step up to the point to have more legendaries that’s where economy fails. Fact is current food, survivor, xp all designed this way on game’s early days and current meta is far from it. They just create an artificial bottleneck and try to squeeze as much as money from it.


You should be able to match their numbers then and it’s a moot point. I get it, it’s a grind, but it’s a grind everyone can do. There is no advantage to any particular players, outside of those who have worked for it.

That’s quite a roster. Since you have been so lucky to get those toons I have no sympathy for you and I was a paying player and I have 0 6*’s out of my 80+ 5*’s I would like scopely to open up the gold radios which I have yet to see but has been shown since they brought out those :poop: roadmaps. Maybe if they made good on there promise and making elite and ultra rear gear farmable and just making the legendary gear the special roadmaps like the old ones, then maybe the economy could be changed. If you are running low on food you can always see those useless sunglasses fanny paks and other gear that you might have a huge stockpile of. There are other ways to get food is what I’m saying

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You may have misunderstood me, I’m not complaining at all. I’ll hit 1.25 million this level up and have a couple more tier 3 6* after it’s over :grin:

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Lol didn’t say you were complaining. Just saying that if the food plots do t produce the food you need. Then I’m sure you have loads of useless gear you can use. Final tier 3* gear gives you a good amount with out having to sell to much

I gotcha, I took your comment about sympathy to mean that you felt as though I was looking for it. My mistake :slight_smile:

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You keep saying you can easily push forward those 6* with some grind and pushing for survivors. But how?

I farm 6.6 for survivors (7.1 takes too long). The cost is 3 stamina and it nets me 7 survivors on average. I got 72 stamina at level 108. So I can run the map 14 times (72 / 3 = 24), which gives me roughly 168 (24 * 7 = 168) survivors. For the sake of simplicity let’s assume it was 170.

I need 5 survivors for a simple training course (strategic, weapons, …). 170 / 5 = 34. So I can train 34 2* chars from 1 world energy can. A training lasts 15 minutes, therefor 4 trainings an hour. 34 / 4 = 5. So… these 170 survivors fill a training ground (tg) for 8.5 hours. A day has 24 hours, so to fill a single training ground for a day, i would have to deplete my whole world energy roughly 3 times a day.

A tg running a day will produce four 2* per hour, so 96 2* per day. But those 96 2* won’t get you far in leveling your 5* and 6* whatsoever. I got 2 training grounds running at the moment, so you can double those numbers.

I would have to burn through 4-5 cans a day just to keep those 2 training grounds going. And that would net me 192 2*.
To completely level a 5*, it needs 752 2* (see this spreadsheet for reference:
752 / 196 = 3,8. It takes almost 4 days to get enough 2* for maxing a 5*. And the 6* cost way more (looking for numbers, if anybody has a good source, please send me a link).

I personally have not had the luck to have those chars that are now ascendable sitting at T4L80 in my roster already. In fact I have gotten most ascendable toons I own in the last 2-3 weeks. How can I easily grind out those 6*? I have plenty of world energy refills. But 100 cans won’t last you 3 weeks here.

And we have not yet spoken about the time investment. The level I run takes about 2,5 minutes on autorun. Lets assume I deplete my world energy 6 times a day to keep 2 training grounds going. I would have to run the level 144 (24 runs * 6 times = 144) times. 144 * 2,5 = 360. 360 minutes on auto-run. That’s 6 hours.

To be honest, I think this is a bit too massive to say this can be easily done.

Edit: Fixed a mistake in the maths.




My fac controls the train depot at the mo.


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This is the key. Leveling when you have both XP territories and make sure to hold points that are helpful to farming. If you aren’t holding world energy, hold survivors, if you aren’t holding survivors hold drop chance and farm 13.5 to gather food. If the XP roadmap comes in, take player XP and world energy.

Territories is what makes all of this somewhat reasonable. Working as a team to control the items important to you is massive. Leveling with XP drops food cost and survivor cost by 30%. Farming with both survivor drops adds 40% to your survivor haul. 6* might be difficult for me, if myself and the rest of my faction weren’t working hard at territories. Looking at my numbers for all the events listed on leaderboards right now, I’m averaging 700k and I leveled Vincent from 5* to tier 3 6* during cross region war. It’s totally workable, you just have to put in the time and the effort