Game doesn't start

Hello, I can not start my game for more than a week. I have already tried everything. Reinstalling, cache hacked, etc. but nothing helps.

A few weeks ago I changed my region (transfer). With my registration, I also visited other regions and created second accounts there. Also no transfer, only change of region.

Now I went with my main account in my old Region (first Region) to create a second account there.

At this moment the game crashed. I have not been in the game since then.

On a second cell phone, I tried to sign me up. Every time I want to load my game via Facebook, the game crashes.

I play the game without registering with a new Account on an other device. This way I can communicate with the support. A solution is not available at the moment.

Does anyone know this problem, can someone give me some advice?

Hello, sorry to hear about that.

With the explanations provided, it seems to me you could have overridden an existing progression when transferring in a given region.

Please do keep liaising with support, as I understand you already reached out, as they can most likely force transfer you back so it will get your account unstuck.

Thank you

Thank you for your answer. I had 1 answer from the Support, on last wendsday. Now I’m waiting since 2 days for help :rage:. But noone answers me. Maybe you can help me?

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