Game Crashing, Please Help

I haven’t been able to play the game since Monday, and I’m getting more and more frustrated. Monday morning, the game was fine, then leagues reset and the game crashed. Since then, every time I try to raid, duel a team member, start a scavenger, do a roadmap, or do the world map, the game crashes and throws me out. Also the same if I try to look at my teams. I’ve already missed the mod, gear and ascendance roadmaps, plus milestone rewards for the raid event I wasn’t able to participate in. I also can’t use the survivor radio I just got this morning. It’s only on my main account, other regions are fine. I’ve been emailing and contacting in game for help, and the tickets keep getting closed, without it being fixed. It’s been over 48 hours now, and I’m getting pretty frustrated and upset. I’ve done everything, cleared my phone, deleted and reinstalled the game, nothing works. I’d appreciate any help fixing this

Try checking for an app update, and also try the search bar on the forums because this problem has been answered many times.

Thank you. I’ve checked for an update, there isn’t one as yet. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled to make sure. I’ve read others have similar problems, a couple have had it for a couple of weeks. Scopely just keep closing my ticket and saying bear with them, but it seems pretty hopeless. I mean, they fixed last nights gear map stage 4 glitch fast enough. They rolled back all the levelled survivor Andreas fast enough. It’s 55 hours now, and nothing. I’m getting desperate


72 hours and scopely still haven’t helped. It’s a joke, they’d be all over it if it benefited them, like the survivors club glitch

Fix this Scopely!!!

:weary::weary::weary: Mecit. Missed loads of prizes, and can’t use my survivor radio. Still no help

I also don’t understand this. When the survivor Andrea was rolled back, they didn’t just reset it and give everything the same crap. They were able to give people more or less, depending on how far they’d levelled. They could look at individual accounts then. So why can’t they help with this. They get crashes all the time. It can’t be that hard to see which crash caused my glitch, and reset to before that happened, or something. When a person thinks they’ve lost a character, and messages them, they can tell you when, and on who, that character was used. Why can’t they look at my account and actually reset it or fix it?

@JB.Scopely advised like you told buddy, but still nothing after 4 days :frowning: if you could take it up to the team would apprecaite it a lot

We can’t help you here, bug support until they help.

I can relate to you, buddy. My bug is a bit similiar to yours. My game keeps crashing while doing certain things within the game while this only happens in my main region.
I am waiting for a fix for almost two weeks. Couldn’t participate in any tournaments because of it. I contacted support ingame and through E-Mail. Only Info I got was to wait till the team can look at the problem.

Bugging the support seems to be the only thing you can continue to do, but it might take lots of time till you might get a useful response.

I’ve been bugging support in game and emailing, they keep closing the ticket and they’ve asked me to stop reopening it because I’m stopping them from helping other people. They say bear with them, but the longer this goes on and the more I see affected for a long time, like yourself, the less hopeful it makes me that they are doing something

Try clearing some device storage or updating the app, that’s about as much as we can help you with here, sorry man.

I’ve done all that, I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the game a few times. All my other regions are fine, just my main one that I actually want to play that’s messed up. Thank you though

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