Game Crashing Over and Over

I am posting in forum to see if anyone in community could help. While switching regions, game crashed and now will not even go to load screen. Scopely is working on it but taking way too long to fix. Using iPhone 8, newest version of game. Can reset phone to factory and start new game, but when attempting to link to FB —crash—. Been over a week now without game. Spend a lot of money on this game, but losing patience. (for a friend)

sorry game have bug somewhere that will behave to be fixed from support.

@Lee747 Sorry to hear you have an issue with our game.

Please contact our customer support by following this link so they can have a look at this for you.

Note: Remember to provide them your account code. (you will find this code in the following format within your player profile in the game (XXX-XXX-XXX)

Just click the “contact us” button to begin the process. Keep in mind that it make take up to 24 hours for you to receive a response.


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