Game Crashing on scav missions

As the title says, whenever I try to end up coining a YGL mission, the game ends up crashing.

Worst part about it, is how none of the missions I just cycled through end up saving, so I have to repeat this only to end up crashing yet again. Tried clearing cache and reinstalling, still get the same results. Also currently running the newest beta android version. Anybody else having this problem suddenly?

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same here keeps crashing. I even took a video of the crashing and then it reloads and my ygl is gone… really hurts during a level up. Please fix this

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Ok no issues when i switched region to dade, then went back to marion and it worked there… we’ll see if it holds.

I had this issue too yesterday, eventually I aborted all the missions until YGL appeared and instead of skipping the cooldown I backed out to my town where I noticed the faction activity clocking up hundreds of numbers at the bottom. Once that stopped and caught up to date I went back into scavenger camp and it allowed me to coin the cooldown without the crash and reset.

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