Game Crashing Constantly

So at the moment, several players in our region are experiencing crashes. Game closing, not the restart bug.

Some people are in the middle of a territory battle when this happens, some are trying to complete Survival Road tournament (24 hour tournament at that) and so this is what I consider to be a perfect opportunity to show some goodwill towards your customers.

We understand that shit happens, things go wrong. But when it’s not our fault and we are the ones paying, it causes resentment. This happens because we have never been compensated for this kind of thing, like other games do. A simple message with one of each refill to each player would go a long way. Super easy and this small gesture makes a huge impact.

What does Scopely think of this idea? @Shawn.Scopely @kalishane


Yep, here too in Habersham.

Several in my faction are reporting this in raids also…Talbot

Check here, might be a fix to try

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I’m crashing in Jenkins too

I’m having the same problem in Cook

Happening here as well Habersham

Thinking this is an issue with Apple users based on other’s experiences in my region and others.

Same non stop crashing it’s going to impact me finishing survival road

Same thing in Houston as well…

Might be a new iOS update issue…

lol that’s what scopely might want you to think …

Same here’s in Irwin. Ipad AND android.

Who…im on on several line chat chat and just check had someone check on Android phone and iPad. Phone works iPad updated yesterday and crashes and most ppl ive talk to plays on iphones or ipads.

Crashing on cellular data. Not sure about wifi.

Crashing on iPad. Wifi. Reinstalled and reset network. Still crashes.

Its iOS update issue

No need to display the odds if the game can’t run on Apple devices.


Didn’t update ios and still having issues

I didn’t update IOS or any update to the game yesterday yet it’s still happening on my iPad.