Game crashing and lost coins

Has anyone else had their game crash an loose some coins? Just happen to me. Messaged support but I doubt anyone is their.

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contact the app store you bought them through they should help

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I won them in leagues

did you check down the back of the sofa that’s where my loose coins end up

Lol would probably be easier to get them back. See what kinda bs they tell me.

Have u brought something and refunded it

Yea the christmas book pack because it didnt give me all of the items that where listed.

Scopley took what they thought was the equivalent coin value of you then

That’s bullshit how is it my fault when they cant gove you the correct shit? Google literally says to ask for a refund if what you purchased is missing or incorrect

@LadyGeek who do I need to talk to to resolve this.

U would send then back the money if I would receive everything that was supposed to be in the pack. Not maybe half of it.

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