Game crashes while selecting scavenger mission


Here is a video of the problem happening multiple times.


Yup having the same issue lost 100k many times and coins trying to skip wait. :rage::rage::rage: @kalishane


This just happened to me about an hour ago. I only get YGL once every 1.5weeks or so so I was glad to get it. Made my team and as soon as I pressed the button to send them on a mission, my game restarts. I log back in and the team I originally sent was rolled back to the previous and even worse, my YGL mission is gone and I don’t even have the option of coining it to get another one.

I am not happy about this.


I have lost the 100k scavenger 3 times already I don’t have a chance in the level up.


Ditto here. Happens when I use a prestige skip.

On the plus side, this did prove that they weren’t totally lying about the Scav missions being random. Trying about 20 times to skip the mission and get another off cooldown got different results each time, sometimes not even opening another mission


I dont understand I was able to start 60k mission in lvl 19 camp…200 coins no 100k in sight all mission hours away.


Loads of problems are creeping up. Territories as well. Road maps.

Seems like better off not playing the game for a week after an update.


Mês passado isso estava acontecendo comigo,
Nesta semana acontece do meu jogo me tirar da facção e ainda deslogar do facebook
E agora não consigo mais logar pela minha conta do facebook.
Toda semana um problema novo aparece , já perdi Gov full ap e 2 connor full AP e lvl.
Fora outros personagens.
Oh jeito é esperar…


Looks like an issue that I’d reproed last night for beta users. It’s being resolved.


@CombatMan I am having the same issue of game crashing/restarting. Is there anything I can do to help fix it


You on beta?


I have definitely noted this – will check on status!


nvm! response right above me!! Thank you!!


There’s a different issue that’s causing reloads if a Level Up tournament is active and you collect a mission that levels up characters.

60k scavenger mission

Im on beta 11.0


ya. Not sure when that issue will get resolved, though.


Edit: just realised this is a second thread so the below makes no sense without my other post:

Line of Defense is also crashing for me. But I can confirm I’ve successfully started and collected a YGL between having the issues this morning and now.

And thrown my phone accross the room in anger when one of the crashes caused the YGL in cool down to disappear.


I had this issue earlier on my main region before level started and used up all my coins skipping other prestige scavy mission but kept on doing it. Finally lost it and all mission went to cool down for hours. But after level up started went to another region I play on had no issue started 100k and its going. Now in my main region 100k is back with a few aborted mission. Do I dare? @CombatMan @kalishane


@CombatMan yes I am in beta. Game also crashing/restarting when I try and lvl up a toon. Will not be able to hit any milestones this way


Now I have another member reporting that its happening to them after they have 100k running. Then its gone. Another member tries to start 60k and it crashes. What is goin on?!?! There not beta members. @kalishane @CombatMan