Game crashes when loading

I havent been able to enter the game since last week.

Game loads upto 32% then crashes doesnt matter if i try in android or ios.

As per usual sopport only answers with automated messages…

when are you sending an update?

Been playing since 2015 if it doesnt get fixed this week ill just uninstall after all the money i put into the game to stay on top. Im being forced to stay behind because nobody wants to fix my problem

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It is a shame and outrage that happens to many. And the events we are losing and they don’t care

Sucks i was almost there for pete now its all for nothing to much money into this for them to screw us over like this

Happened to me too, locked out last 7 days of pathways and I couldn’t sign in to redeem rewards I’d earned. Support basically tells me to f off and gives me 6 cans.

Now it’s happened again, locked out for 16 days now. The faction I lead was #2 on our server, but since I couldn’t log in to transfer us, about 10 of them have decided to transfer and try to merge with someone else. One other guy is locked out like I am.
And 3 or 4 others say that along with S class and this, it seems like a good time to bow out.

I sent my last message to support Friday. Today I uninstalled. Playing since 2016, to hell with this glitchy mess.

I feel you, playing since 2015 more then 6k put into this game and they just dont even care… i guess its time to go spend our money elsewhere.

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Lol… Where have you been the past 3 - 6 months…? Anyone who still spends real money in this game is just as stupid as a piece of bread.


If it make you happy then i guess :woman_shrugging:

I’ve spent the past three months just trying to log into this buggy piece of junk. I’ve been able to access the game about six of the last 12 weeks. of course I’m not spending anything when it’s like that.

Im trying something ill let u know tomorrow if it works

I’ve a faction mate in this situation for about 7 days. No luck even after today’s maintenance window.

We’re not talking about the “usual” F2P, but about a P13 that supported financially your game since the beginning in 2015.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely any developer that could look into this?

Same here and im contacting them through support email, ingame sopport through another phone and jb personaly nothing been done. Im afraid if they dont send an update we are lost.

And 2 Weekss out of this game leaves the account useless

can you help here please @Shawn.Scopely ?

For what it’s worth, I sent this thread to JB over Line to try to get everyone here some help.

I speak with him privately this morning he asked me if it was fixed if they dont send an update we are screwed cause they dont know what it is

Hi everyone,

Can you all PM with your account code?


Just did Hope you fix it soon

I have also pm you my account code. Please assist to help us from being locked out from game too long. Thank you.

@GR.Scopely , your support is assisting me on the case. They’ve asked for my account code, phone model and app version which I gave accordingly. It’s been hours and no updates. Would appreciate if the support team can update us regularly.

On the players’ side, we are anxious because multiple events are ongoing and especially with free mod removals, we dont want to miss it. I hope you help expedite this issue up to developers / support. Thank you GR.

They asked me for that several times now and nothing

Support through the game vives me the run arround through email same thing

We are sorry we cant tell u when…
today is 2 weeks i cant play! This sucks