Game crashes when i try to access roster


Any time i try to access roster from raids, territory, world map, my games crashes. This happens just on one server unfortunately on the main one. No solo level up, no war for me. For more than a week Scopely team is looking to resolve the problem…but no progress on that, just continious replies keep calm and wait, wait, wait. No timeframes, no explanation, nothing.


What region are u having the issue? And when did it start?

Also do u get the same crash if you access your roster thru the Defence button on the raids tab?

Usually phone and operating system would help too, but this is interesting since you are only having the issue in one region.


I’m not sure who to call in on this one… Maybe kalishawn, but Idk… well give @CombatMan a try since he is on point and usually knows the right team to send bugs to.


Hey, region is newton and issue started mid last week at solo lvl up tournament. Device samsung j1 mini, android. I cannot access anything related to squad. Whenever i click on raids icon game crashes


Message me your account code