Game crashes at start (iOS)

Hi guys!

This morning I was able to open the game, and after a minute or so, it crashed.
Since then, I have reinstalled, updated iOS and even reset my phone, however it does not start anymore.

Is anyone facing the same issue? Has support given any reply about it?


ps.: it’s my birthday and I’m missing War… Guess this is life telling me to go enjoy my day and quit lol

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A friend of mine is having the same issue. Error code is socket 60

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I don’t even get an error code. Not sure how support will help in this case :confused:

War has crashed for multiple regions too

have the issues on IOS and Android, but only with my FB account, if I start it without FB connections it work, after connect FB the game crash every time I start it. I conntact the support and hope they will fix it

Interesting… However, I can’t unlink FB account if I can’t open the game. I’d need another device, but my android doesn’t run the game lol

That’s some faction dedication to waste your birthday on this game lol

Lol… I actually love my faction mates and it would be nice to War a little while commuting.
But it seems War is not working, so…

so now it work again, start an older android version, install the new update and logged in. this work and then I could login on IOS too

@Daryl-tg How did you install an older version of the game? Having the exact same problem. As soon as I try to login to my account by linking back up to Facebook it just crashes to the launcher immediately. Happens on every device I’ve tried.

i had the same issue as well as the war one double trouble lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Socket 60 is no internet connection. I always get this code when I forget to turn on data connection or wlan.

Hey, I did not install an older version of the game, I use an older Android version on Nox because I’ve no android phone and there I update the newest version of the game and login. on IOS I got a new version yesterday too but it work now.

Oh I see. Just gave this a go and it didn’t work for me unfortunately. Still the same issue. As soon as I connect to Facebook to get my progress back on Nox the game just crashes. Thanks though.

have you install the newest version off the game at nox? I should say at my nox on a windows pc it happend like you say, crashes over crashes. ob my mac with an old nox version it work then

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