Game crashed and I lost my rewards!

The game crashed when I collected a museum reward. I never got the box.

How would I go about getting my box??

You already looked through inventory? Contact in-game support.

Rewards are easy for support to reissue, awards on the other hand…

I like that picture


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Yeah looked through and sadly no box. Been trying to find in game support. Where is that option. Would have thought it was in settings.

its in support, top right. looks like an email button.

Please contact our customer support by following this link so they can have a look at this particular issue for you.

Note: Remember to provide them your account code if possible. (you will find this code in the following format within your player profile in the game (XXX-XXX-XXX)]


Similar issue happened to a faction mate except he had coins missing. Support won’t help him. Can you help him @GR.Scopely @TayTron

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