Game crash when launch


The game will crash every time I try to load my account. Happened on all devices, iPhone, iPad, Android. Delete and reinstall numerous times.

If I switch device, the device I switch from will load the default non-linked game profile and it would work ok. When I try to relink my facebook account. Game crashed.

I’m on Chattahoochee region, Character name is Non, currently not in a faction. Please don’t ask me for account code, I don’t have it. I don’t know how many time I need to tell your support person that I have no access to the code since I cannot launch the game. It’s been over a week since this happened and your support has not done anything but insisting I send them my account code. Please do something, if it’s beyond recovery just let me know, I can handle it.


It’s been over a week and Scopely support is still clueless.


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