Game crash at my account

Hi, I’ve a problem. My game always crash when I try to login my account. I try this on IOS and android.I uninstall and reinstall the game -> same problem. The problem is when I try to login with my FB account on IOS but then the problem is permanent. I start the game and it crashed and didn’t open. Then I try to start it on android, and the game start without any problems but then crashed when I login with FB. Then I can start the game without problems in IOS but after login with FB it’s a permanent crash and so on and so on. The problem starts after I make two 10 pull. The first pull work, after the second pull it crashed and now I can’t play with my account.

Anyone the same problem or solution?

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This issue has been affecting a lot of players the last couple months. Your only solution is to message support and hope they can fix it.

There is an update for iOS pending approval by apple that will fix this. Android got it earlier this week. I’ve been waiting for 8 days though. :confused:

but this happened on IOS and Android and I’ve the newest version

2 of my faction mates have this issue, they are both on ios.

So now it work again, start an older android version, install the new update and logged in. this work and then I could login on IOS to

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