Game constantly crashes, I'm stuck in beta region

I am no longer in the beta program, but still have access to the beta region, I had hopped over to that region to check a training grounds I had running there, and then the game crashed and will not open, I need help, I have no idea what to do!

Same here alot of people are locked out!

Yea. I hope they fix it soon.

Should put your nose where you are not allowed to go anymore. Permanent ban!

No seriously, that sucks, you tried to close the game totally or restart your device? If not and ur acc is linked to fbook you could reinstall the game.

If non of the above works you should wait for @kalishane to wake up.

Scopely: You test these new mods, oh you bet you will!

I had the same issue, I was in a regular region and when I tried to go to beta, the game kept restarting itself, only solution I found was to update to latest version (12.0)

I think what makes the game crash, is that when you go to a Beta region it tries to load the information related to the new feature, mods. So, since this feature don´t exist in version 11, then the game crashes.

How can I upgrade to 12.0? I can’t access the beta community from Google

How did you do this?

I had to delete the game and reinstall. I tried wiping both the cache and data 1st but it kept crashing even after rebooting my phone.

delete and reinstall seems to have fixed it.

I uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared data and cache and it didn’t help

I’ve deleted everything, app store and game, reinstalled. Did this on multiple devices and no change the problem is that it keeps trying to go to a beta region cause it was the last one I tried to go to. I never even downloaded the beta version of the game only direct download from Amazon and also from google play.

Same problem

I had the same problem. I started a new game on a second device. Then I went to my region of play . Then I linked my Facebook account to the second device and it brought me to my main account in my region. Then from my main device I linked Facebook agian and I’m all set got out of beta and the game no longer crashes
Hope the could help someone

I tried to do that on my computer . Before linking to facebook I only had the option to switch between the 4 newest regions. My region was not available.

One of my members has the same problem.

Really gutted.
He’s missing out on SR and especially the weapons roadmap.
He’s talking about quitting now if he doesn’t get what he’s owed…

I really don’t want to lose anymore friends or members of my faction.

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How do we get 12.0?

Only way is to be a part of the beta community from what I know… I know someone can make an apk and have it downloadable from a website but no one has done that yet.

Problem with parcel addicted

Same for me in all platforms. At least you get to mess around with Beta, most of us, including me, can’t even start the game properly. It just crashes and send us back to the device’s main screen.

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12.0 apk