Game condemned?


I don´t know how it is in other regions, but in my region (limestone) is having a general discouragement among the players. due to the difficulty of getting Gears, and due to various bugs, hackings and mediocre prizes. if you guys scopely do not fix it soon, many have given up on this game, many of my friends have already stopped playing … the second dominant faction on the majority server has stopped … which has resulted in an extreme unbalance on the server … who still persists, is almost stopping or migrating to other games.


in less then 2 weeks ours is dying nearly dead due to a tower exploit.That is being used for a month now.


do tell? :slight_smile:

jk, don’t let others benefit from this.


Probably talking about ghosting towers. There’s been topics open about this already. Not applying defense to a tower and then retaking it when the timer runs up. Pretty easy to counter if you actually pay attention to the timers.


No not that.


Today have lvlup and I will not be able to score because all my characters are locked in need of gears … Seriously … For me it’s the end … I’m tired


Might be time to give the game a break if its causing you mental distress. Have a few days off and come back and see how you feel.


Yup it feels like the walkers have the building surrounded and there’s no way out. Journeys coming to an end.