Game be freeze afte recover account with facebook

hello, after device transfer to new phone, game is freeze after it confirms account transfer.

after recover account with facebook “your account has been successfully transferred” message pops up, the game freeze.

there is no operation i can do to circumvent

things ive tried:


delete cache and game data

go back to old phone (does same thing now)

i can share a short video of the event if needed, but not sure how to attach video formats lol

please help?

pls help me
Pls I just started playing Recent days . I constantly changing region to find viet nam fation, I buy 5usd and play to lv 10, I link account with my face book “” I own 2 phones, iphone and samsung. When I’m playing with my ip, the battery runs out. I changing game to my samsum . after going through the tutorial . I change old account but game be freeze. I reopened it with My ip and the same thing happens a cant continue my game, pls help me, fixed this bug
Game be freeze i cant take account information

I would delete your email address from that last post buddy. This is a forum for public. Have you tried contacting Support?

Don’t know why my last comment was hidden. Contact support, they can help you

You can’t say d3lete

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