Game balancing and cheating

I’ve been playing now for more than 3 years and I’ve noticed in the last 6 months a growing number of defense teams with multiple shield and guardian. Along with the right mods and AR, this will almost always result in most of my raid attempts ending in timed out, which is becoming more and more frustrating every day and I’m not the only one who’s noticed it…
As a crazy suggestion that might fix the problem and make things more interesting for players…
Add a requirement that a team can only have one of each type of specialist skill.

I also feel that the weapon stun ability is too OP. Characters with stun ability can only stun for one turn yet the weapons stun for 3. This can result in raids where you just watch the other team beat the crap out of you while you do nothing, because they have more than one stun weapon in their team.

And just in regard to the cheating out there, do you check anyone who spends over a certain amount each week because I would think that anyone who spends more than 10,000 coin a week should at least be investigated for cheating.?

They run specials for 10k for $100. Most who are spending on here and buying from scopley are the legit ones. Its the ones not buying from scopley but have every premiere that look sketchy. $100 a week for some is nothing. Assuming someone cheats because they spend $100 isnt grounds for investigation lol
As far as game balance…theres ways to fight these teams. You have think outside the box and use what you have. But don’t worry this time out meta is moving along and soon you will be crushed in 10seconds from crazy op toons.


For reference, can you please show us the team that you’re using to attack? I just want to confirm my suspicion that it’s a Carl lead.


I don’t know how to post pictures here but my team is green Mira, victor, alpha, Bruce, Kal beats most timeout teams and they are all F2P toons,

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Need a def down support toon. And stun resist mods even if they don’t match ur other mods. 55% or better. also after u disArm then you hit a stun gun. I watch faction mates video i cringe they use their disArm second or 3rd hit cuz how set up in order.

Another one of these… im sure you wouldn’t be asking for this if you were the one spending thousands of dollars and had 2 shield 3 revive team.

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Decap and impair are my friends against even the hardest teams…foucus helps too but not as much

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I know their are legit players out there that spend that kind of money and I would hope that scopley keeps a record of how much we all spend. Obviously I don’t know how many people are spending 10k+ in coins a week, so I am assuming the number isn’t too high. It wouldn’t hurt those legit players to be investigated when it should be obvious who is spending big, but not actually paying the cash for it. :wink:

We saw a stat in one of the online articles about Scopely that the average paying TWD player spends $250 per month. So, the average paying customer is going through 25000 coins a month - it’s a waste of times to investigate those who spend 40000 coins a month. Like @Jlag said, it’s the ones who DON’T spend anything and still somehow end up with OP promo teams that need to be investigated more.


The game need some balance for the 1st 6*, they need to boost the stats for making all of them 5200+.

Some of the cheaters are mixed with the top factions so no one can call them cheaters, yes they need to make a whole check and fix that issues.

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