Gabriel worth it?

Is gabriel worth 50 comics? Noticed he heals all including maim damage just in that it feels like he is worth it. Just unsure really.

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He’s still a great character,if you need him get him. Can be a good lead or used in another team

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Considering that he can heal all penalties and revive hes worth a try, i faced teams with him as leader and they keep alive the team and safe from the status…

Absolutely. One of the best.

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He’s great very useful I’ll definitely be picking him up

No. save ur comis for S.class 6* stars are dead in 3 mobths max

For me who doesnt have good melee def leader, of course he is worth to get

He was great not so much now. But still very useable

What you guys are you talking about!?! Is green Gabriel available anywhere in the game right now?

Hes in the choice box for survivors club comic books. 50 comics.

Yes I found him, with only 15 magasines and 27 days left, is there any chance I get him without beeing in the club? I might use gold coins but I don’t want to join the club…


No chance without SC at 15 mags

Most you can get is another 15 from the weekly challenge Rick statues collection

Okay it’s what I expected, let’s hope Scoop put some comics/bleeding axes in the market, I would definitely purchase even expensive formula I’ve gold coins I was saving for a very long time especially for Gabriel.

for someone with 16 comics, would it even be possible to get the other 34 comics for gabriel if they bought sc right now?

Hes not worth it. Hes a gen 1 toon.

he’s a gen 1 revive that clears penalties plus revive on ar and as, with a heal on defense weapon, plenty more utility than most gen 2 and plenty usable as long as you’re not dealing with s-class

He’s definitely not gen1, don’t be silly

in the end my question was “is it possible to get the 34 comics for him in time”, i know he’ll have use for me as a unit

Wondering too but with 15 comics.

Anyway a 10 comics=1000 gold (or so) would be a decent offer

Yes, he is a gen1 for him stats, and the only way to get him is with sc, scopely don’t sell comics

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