Gabriel teams advice

Hello there,

I’m heavily struggling against Gabriel defenses. What are you guys using against them ?

I pulled decap Sandy, I’ll claim Jeremiah in the museum. I also have Lori, Governor, Bryan (I don’t have any disarm though)

Thanks :wink:

Bryan and Sandy should do the trick after Lori’s attack boost and Jeremiah’s defence down.

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Get that lovely Alice or use Madison lead. Louis or Bruce could help but you don’t have either.

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Getting Alice or Madison will be tough since this is really expensive to get them :confused:
I’ll save my league coins

If you get/have FA Tara, this should work:
Tara, Sandy, Bryan, Lori, Jeremiah

It’ll likely struggle against shield Jesus cuz of no disarm and trait advantage, but Bryan and Sandy behind Tara’s leaderskill deal damage. A lot of it.

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Yeah I have her, just need some flare guns to ascend her
Thanks for the team idea, I’ll try it !

If you haven’t enough flare guns to ascend her yet it’s probably gonna take a while before she’ll be useful against other players, it takes even more flare guns to upgrade her as a 6*.

Ikr but even T1 or T2 can be useful. Just need two more to ascend her, I hope I’ll get more flares in the next Negans

I’d say T3 is minimum but I guess you can always try, no harm in that.


Yup I used her at t1 she still did well. If you have g2 Hershel going to want him in there and stun resist on everything.

I used andrea,ty,mira,hersh, and mira… or replace hersh with lori, add atk vs yellow or green depending on the team and u should be set it works well

I use my Tara at t2 and my reds still 6 turns Gabe leads.

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Alice solves the Gabriel issues with a sandy

F2p for life

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