Gabriel’s Weapon Ideas

What would be the best way to mod Gabriel’s weapon and why? Interested in seeing some different perspectives!

Just what till crw you’ll see it at its finest then

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ap down huge when taking dmg %35 hp.

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The 5 spenders in my fac all did multiple bigs and didn’t get him. One did 240 pulls… it makes my stomach turn and it wasn’t even my $$$…

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AP down for sure. Otherwise he’s a round 1 punching bag

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Why would somebody spend after the Andrea debacle … also why would somebody spend that much money on any app game blows my mind


Sucks to give away free ap to 5 toons turn 1, but I think leaving third slot is the go…

Hopefully the team you have behind him kicks in with revive and heal etc if you’re going for timeout.

Throwing huge ap on attack for slot 2 and maxing HP is what I’d do.


Thanks man. Think I might go with that

No matter what you put on him or how op he is you will still get beat so what’s the point


If you think my all red team is gonna lose because you over paid for one toon you are wrong lol it’s actually funny to me though when you go against a big huge spender that has thousands in his defense team and you beat them easy :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Nps, I guess huge ap on attack because personally I want his Tripp style penalty cleanse popping early. I posted this in another thread, but this is what I did for his mods…

braces for more flex shaming posts :roll_eyes:


Giving him ap down with his incredible weapon skill would be a massive mistake

Stun atk.

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What wanderer said. Stun attack is the only thing eveyone struggles with. Working on one right now

Enjoy lol


Greens need stun unless it’s the shield.

Almost everyone has disarm. While his weapon special is cool and handy it will not be activating most battles because of that. On attack is the only way to go for actual defends. Green stuns still get me from time to time with crap rng

As well as you tend to focus your damage on a single toon. So the weapon wouldnt be effective even if it was to trigger.

35 defense huge ap on attack and stun/ap down

Hes still gonna go down like a drunken prom date. Gg ref.

I don’t doubt that for a second… Pick me up at 7 :princess: